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So, the school summer holiday is nearly here! What a perfect opportunity for your family to dedicate time to bonding! With so many fun ideas to try out, we are thrilled to inform you that we have the right activity for you… Low Impact Paintball!

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Remember how you read about all the great benefits of engaging in paintball. The problem is, you are worried of involving your kids. And rightly so. Standard paintballs sting. They are meant for adults and the stings further drive the adrenaline. For kids, though, stings aren’t so fun.

Enter our newest addition to the Paintball South site – Low Impact Paintball! If you haven’t already guessed from the name, this is a more inclusive paintball game that allows your kids to join in the fun. After all, if the paintballs are low impact, that means they won’t sting nearly as much.

So, why should you schedule Low Impact Paintball for your family this school summer holiday?

The Perfect Summer Holiday Treat

Your kids have been in school for months. What better to treat them this summer than some fun time? All work and no play, they say, you know. The beautiful thing here is that your kids would run, laugh, and have fun with their parents in ways they probably don’t get to do often due to school and work.

Inclusive And Family Bonding

One if the most enticing benefits of Low Impact Paintball is that it allows kids across various age groups to participate. Even your 8 year old kid can jump in. Since the impact has been reduced, the sting is much lesser.
That means you don’t have console crying kids when they get hit. There are less bruises. Instead, everyone would be laughing and having fun together. Since more kids can join in, no one would feel left out. Isn’t this what family is all about?

Letting Off Some Energy

You know kids. You know how much they love to race around the house and knock things over. Don’t blame them. It’s all that energy in their young blood. Let’s be realistic, we were all like that at some point.
Now, instead of getting frustrated by the rampage and tantrums, how about a fun activity like Low Impact Paintball that allows them to channel all that energy into something the whole family can enjoy. If you ask us, we’d say that sounds like paradise!

Less “Blueprint”

Um, what we actually meant is less mess. You know how the standard paintball leaves a giant “you are shot” mark on your body? Well, Low Impact Paintball still gets the job done without such a big mark. Still visible, yeah, but less mess to clean up afterwards.

Well, if kids would be kids, they’ll probably be doing some rolling around, anyway. The good thing is that Low Impact Paintball takes the sting off the cleaning up (pun sadly intended).

That said, start packing your bags. In fact, you can make it more fun. If you want. Rally your friends, family, and neighbours to join in the “hunt.”

Without a doubt, this is a trip the kids won’t stop talking about.

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To your paintball success,

The Paintball South Team