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If you want an activity that would make your heart race fast, provide you with maximum enjoyment and allow you to bond with family and friends, you should definitely play paintball.

Paintball is a game that allows people from all around to come together, giving them the avenue to bond without any inhibition. If you are wondering if paintball is for you, here are a few reasons why you should try it out.


Fun at Paintball South

Without a doubt, paintball is fun. If you are looking for a social game that you and your friends and family can engage in and have a blast, then paintball fits that description. Besides, it is unique and connects to the deeper part of us that seeks thrill and adventure.

Paintball facilitates bonding among friends in a way that very few sports do. Depending on the site, juniors may even participate safely in paintball. Paintball South for instance offers paintball experiences for 11+ years.

In addition Low Impact Paintball is a new addition to Paintball South where you can enjoy the fun with a few less bruises. Great for children however also a popular choice for a family day out!


The level of adrenaline and adventure provided by paintball is one of the main reasons why you would love it. Between racing around, dodging paintball shots, hiding behind woods and obstacles, and trying to take opponents down, there is never a dull moment.

Winning in a Paintball South game requires teamwork. This is great for exercising your strategy skills. Even when you are hiding, your mind is working on a strategy to conquer. The variety of games keeps your mind alert at all times!

Paintball provides the opportunity to live the fantasy you’ve always yearned for through the action films you’ve watched. The thrill, heat rush, and anticipation never gets old.

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Fresh Air

Paintball allows you to have fun out in the open, enjoying the fresh air whilst getting that adrenaline fix. The best way to enjoy paintball, we believe, is at an outdoor site, where you are out in the elements with room to maneuver and fresh air to keep you cool.

Paintball South is set in 50 acres of New Forest woodland when you can roam, charge and strategise surrounded by nature. Check out the gallery.


If you love healthy competition, paintball is for you. Paintball South promotes healthy competition and the spirit of good sportsmanship. Beyond just having aimless fun, with paintball, there is a winner and there are losers.

So, you play to win. However, paintball does not encourage the unhealthy type of competition. Chances are you will get eliminated quicker that way. Because you are having fun while competing, paintball helps you tap into that team spirit!

At Paintball South we believe paintball is the kind of game that brings people together. You can take part as an individual, gather a troop of friends or family, and even bring the whole office for some team building. It stimulates the body, heart, spirit and mind. It promotes healthy bonding and leaves you with lessons.

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To your paintball success,

The Paintball South Team